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This is the page where U will find the Flash Videos

Decline of video games 3

Decline of video games 2

Decline of video games 1

Personal computer system

Klaymations are animations with kaly people by nox.

Hot dog Job (pt.1)

Hot dog Job (pt.2)

Klay valentine

Klay Kamping

Im not ur friend anymore!!!!

Rubber ducky of death!

DeAtH bY hOrOsCoPe!!

Next Victem

Klay swimming pool

Bungie Jumping Time!

More Animations

Xaio Xaio 3

the real legend

The real legend 2

chocobo Robo Voice

Mario Twins

numa-numa dance

icon story

kerri's big invention

Rise of the mushroom kingdom pt.1

Rise of the Mushroom kingdom pt.2

Rise of the mushroom kingdom pt.3

Rise of the mushroom kingdom pt.4

The evil strawberry

Thing 2

The Ultimate Showdown